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For a limited time we're giving away Family Rules and The Ultimate Parent Survival Guide to help you build your happy, healthy home!

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Your Family Night Adventure includes an evening of fun with a step-by-step guide, downloads, and follow-along activities to help build strong families!

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As forerunners in emotional safety education (ESE), we believe in the power of family to overcome anything! For a limited time we're giving away this special Family Night Adventure and Parent Survival Guide to help you build your happy, healthy home with 7 tools and rules of successful families you can begin using immediately.

To your happy, healthy home!

Deanna Rhinehart, Emotional Safety Ed founders 

Here's why we're excited to give you this $29 Family Night Adventure absolutely free!

Happy, healthy homes and people are the answer to almost every issue. Family Night Adventures is more than fun and games, it's a tool to protect and empower your family. Incorporating cutting-edge neuroscience, life-success strategies, relationship skills, and coping tools into fun-themed adventures we help develop strong people and families through your family values and belief systems!

Enjoy the Family Rules - Family Night Adventure as a gift from our home to yours, then subscribe and get a new, themed adventure every month with another set of powerful life tools for your home!


Fun for the whole family!

Prioritize your family and build a happy, healthy home with message-rich activities and games to calm anxieties in the midst of uncertain times. 


Instant access keeps you sane and your children focused for hours. So easy they can put on Family Night for you!

Gain parenting tools to teach life-success & problem-solving skills!

You are the most important teacher in your child's life. Family Nights equip you to equip your children to succeed in life and overcome challenges—all while having fun!

Plus, we'll throw in an extra bonus: The Championeers! Ultimate Parent Survival Guide! 

3 part video series to help parents survive their quarantined children while building happy, healthy homes.

  • Video 1 covers The 7 Essential Elements Required for Emotional Safety and how to apply them in your home.

  • Video 2: explores how to motivate your children and have them think it's their idea.

  • Video 3 reveals rules and tools for sharing, playing and getting along to help divert constant fighting

Discover the power of Family Nights in your Home!

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100% free? What's the catch? 

No catch—we promise! It's simple: We're all in this together. If each of us takes a moment to love and encourage those around us we all win. Love wins. Get your free Family Night then post the link and send some love to your friends and neighbors.

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