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For a limited time, we're giving away this Emotional Safety Education Classroom Adventure to help you welcome your students back in the fall and minimize their fears—in a very fun way. 

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As forerunners in Emotional Safety Education, we're concerned over the stress and trauma the global pandemic has created in the hearts of vulnerable children and teachers alike. We're giving away this ESE Classroom Adventure to help you discuss these serious subjects with your students in a way that minimizes fear and provides fun, easy coping tools your whole classroom can use.

To your happy, healthy schools & home!

Deanna Rhinehart & Brittney Morken, Emotional Safety Ed founders 

Here's why we're excited to give you this ESE
Classroom Adventure
absolutely free!

In a world of uncertainties, it's imperative to provide children with coping tools to avoid trauma and future fear-related issues. With over 30 years of research and development in child psychology, critical youth issues, business, and education we've developed an Emotional Safety Education System with real-life applications to help build strong students and schools. Classroom, School-Wide, and Music Editions available.

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Build happy, healthy classrooms with message-rich activities that teach coping skills and develop an emotionally safe classroom culture. 

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Classroom Adventures equip you to equip your students to succeed in life and overcome challenges—all while having fun!

Plus, we'll throw in an extra bonus training:
"Are Your Students Emotionally Safe?" 

This short video helps teachers understand the root causes behind critical youth issues and how to protect students from them.

  • Create a classroom culture that captivates your students and has them begging for school.

  • Stop bandaging the issues— instead, address them at their root causes for long-lasting behavioral change!

  • Discover how just minutes a day can transform your classroom with the 7 Essential Elements required for emotional safety.

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