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Dear Friends,

As an educator, I know you're concerned about the emotional health and safety of your students. To help you provide ESE support, both in class and online, I created an ESE adventure to help you welcome your students back to school called, "Our Class Rules". This done-for-you, follow along adventure celebrates your students while introducing building blocks of emotional safety to develop your classroom culture.

I'm giving this away as a special bonus with your trial subscription to Emotional Safety Education's Classroom Adventures! Try it with your students. If you love it (and I think you will) you'll receive a new themed, interactive, follow-along ESE adventure each month. If it's not the right fit, simply cancel your subscription and keep the bonuses as my gift.

To your happy, healthy homes & schools!

Deanna Rhinehart, Emotional Safety Ed founder 

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In a world of uncertainties, it's imperative to provide emotional health and safety education to children with life-success skills and coping tools to avoid trauma-related issues. Championeers! Emotional Safety Education is packed full of powerful tools and real-life applications to help build strong students and develop happy, healthy classroom culture.

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CLASSROOM ADVENTURES develop classroom culture
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Build happy, healthy classrooms with message-rich activities that teach coping skills and develop an emotionally safe classroom culture. 

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Discover the root causes behind critical youth issues and how to protect students from them.

  • Create a classroom culture that captivates your students and has them begging for school.

  • Stop bandaging the issues— instead, address them at their root causes for long-lasting behavioral change!

  • Discover how just minutes a day can transform your classroom with the 7 Essential Elements required for emotional safety.

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